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Nkrumahs Sound Lab

We love music

We almost created a fictional band website. the fiction is the 2 other people, Ongel and Leaf Burns, but nobody has figure out that Leaf Burns, everything, car seats, pants, sheets, etc.

Let's ride this out, Angele Thomas Sr. on Production, & Publishing, Ongel Senior, on Bass & Drums, Leaf Burns on Keyboards,  Kick Bass, &  Loops , and we are known as Nkrumahs Sound Lab.

You can say we been at this since we discovered a sound on sound reel to reel tape recorder, which gave us our first insight to the fact that we make a great team for creating music, and we started releasing our Music in 2012, and we've been The Unknown Performers since our first release in 2012, but we didn't give a snap cuz we are doing what we Love to do, Kick that Funk, cuz we are ahead of our time anyway, we are so far in the future and our parents haven't even met yet, but if one of us was like Dylan, that one would spit Hot Fire, and I'd have to add another picture of myself, Reppin "Chief Burn that shit, spittin that Hot Fire".

Our Purpose: To help Children, or young teens Engage in Rapping, to develop better language skills, as well as have a broader understanding of the words used to help create a unique Future Rap Artist, one that can Spit Hot Fire, and completely understand every word he uses, we offer 47 tracks to practice and help develop timing skills for those that are interested, and for those that have no interest at all, you can enjoy the sounds  of non toxic instrumental music, which has the potential to engage you anyway, like u stuck in traffic getting pissed off, you might surprise yourself and Spit Hot Fire, and you might decide to buy a mic to Spit more Hot Fire.

The Name, we got our Name from Nkrumah's RecordKeeping, founded by my Big Brother George E Carter Sr., who got the Name from one of his favorite Black Leaders, Kwame Nkrumah, and Big Bro's last Words was keep the Name Nkrumah going, so presto, Nkrumahs Sound Lab.    Keep the name Nkrumahs in yo Mouth!

Zodiac: Let's say the first 2 of us are Gemini, or even the 2nd and the 3rd

More Tracks coming Soon to SoundCloud & Spotify and other platforms!

All Tracks are available to License for your Projects. 

Angele Thomas Sr

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Ongel Senior

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Leaf Burns

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The Tracks

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The Sounds of Oakland 


Let it Drop


It's by Design


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Oakland, Cali, USA

Email: angelethomas@nkrumahs.com

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